Informasjon om tilbakekalling av alle

Riese & Müller Packster 70 


Dear customer

You are the owner of a Packster 70. With immediate effect from 07 October 2021, we are recalling all Packster 70 models to the factory due to a technical problem with the function of the cable steering and are issuing an immediate driving stop. This affects all vehicles that have been delivered since the start of delivery and up to and including 06 October 2021 – including your vehicle.

What do you have to do next?

Please make an appointment with the dealer from whom you purchased the bike to return your Packster 70. Bring the purchase invoice and all accessories such as charger, user manual, all keys etc. with you to this appointment. An appointment must be made immediately, the vehicle must not be driven any further in everyday life.

As we have decided to remove the Packster 70 from the product portfolio for the time being, your* dealer will carry out a reversal of your Packster 70. The dealer will refund you the full purchase price for your bike. All Riese & Müller dealers have been informed of the corresponding measures.

Your bike will then be returned to the Riese & Müller factory in Mühltal. You cannot get this bike back.

What would we like to offer you?

We are aware that the Packster 70 is without doubt an important part of your everyday mobility and possibly even a substitute for a car, which will now disappear overnight. We are deeply sorry that we have to cause you this inconvenience. We hope that you understand that the safety of our customers is our main priority.

In addition to an uncomplicated procedure, we would like to make you the following offer to support you in ensuring your mobility immediately and also in the long term:

If you decide to buy a Riese & Müller bike by 15 November 2021, e.g. one of the Load or Multicharger cargo bikes or any other model, we will grant you a mobility subsidy of 15% of the purchase price of your new bike. You can use this mobility grant to organise the time until delivery, e.g. by renting an e-bike, tickets for public transport, taxi costs, car sharing or even operating costs for your own car. You do not have to prove these costs to us, but will receive a corresponding flat-rate discount on your new vehicle, which will be deducted upon delivery and payment. The delivery time for new vehicles is currently 8-12 weeks, depending on the model and the region we will deliver the bike to. This offer also applies to the models available at short notice with order via the dealers or also stock models of the dealers.

Due to the current situation on the bicycle market, we are unfortunately unable to offer you a rental vehicle.

We hope that with our procedure and the granting of the mobility flat rate we can keep your personal restriction as low as possible and once again apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

At this point, we firmly deny speculations that there has been a serious accident or even a fatality with the Packster 70. We have voluntarily decided to take this consequent step, because the installed cable steering does not meet our high standards in terms of safe handling in all everyday situations.

Yours sincerely,
Markus Riese Heiko Müller Dr. Sandra Wolf

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